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The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The opening of the monument will be a logical continuation of other projects - the Tu-144 monument in the Tupolev street and alleys of busts of the Russian general aircraft designers. 25.10.2022 10:43
Hello from space!
Hello from space!
Dmitry Petelin, a Roscosmos cosmonaut and a friend of our company, not only got in touch with us from the ISS, but also sent us a unique photo-greeting. 14.10.2022 17:57
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Composite frame design

Composite structures are designed and their manufacturing processes are set up using the Composite Design module and main CATIA modules. The Composite Design module considerably reduces the time required to design composite products and prepare them for mass production. The use of these modern methods in the design and production of composite products enables:

  • documentation to be prepared both for the final product and the “engineering” part (considering engineering allowances);
  • precise digital model to be obtained based on layers of the material;
  • possible material layout to be checked and orientation angles at the design stage to be analyzed;
  • preparation of the most optimal draping of materials.




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