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The grand opening of a two-seat training aircraft L-29

2021-09-06 12:56:52

The grand opening of a two-seat training aircraft L-29

On September 6, 2021 the grand opening of a unique "teaching aid", a two-seat training aircraft L-29, took place in the courtyard of Lyceum 14 in Zhukovsky. The aircraft was created for the initial piloting techniques training of cadets in simple and difficult weather conditions day and night, elements of combat use, as well as for training flight crews. The aircraft was delivered to the school from the territory of LII. 

Research and Engineering Company and Legends of Aviation foundation took an active part in the project - it took several years to find a suitable aircraft for aircraft engineering lessons. The plane had to not only be suitable for lessons, but also fit into the area in front of the lyceum created many years ago. After several attempts, the L-29 aircraft was found, and it fit perfectly according to all criteria.



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