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Day of Russian Science

2022-04-15 13:37:37

Day of Russian Science

On the 14th of April in Zhukovsky an event dedicated to the Day of Russian Science took place. Different generations gathered in the cozy hall of the TsAGI House of Scientists: from the youngest participants, preschool children, to lyceum students, from students and graduate students to academicians, from young specialists to experienced engineers.

Sypalo Kirill, Director General of TsAGI, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the mayor of Zhukovsky Prokhorov Yury addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. Representatives of enterprises and educational institutions of the city made presentations on scientific developments and the innovation development program. V. Lazarev presented his book "TsAGI. People. Time".


   Schoolchildren, students and specialists of companies took part in the intellectual game "Brain Ring". The game was played in 2 rounds. In the first round schoolchildren of Lyceum 14 competed with students of Aviation Technical School and MAI "Strela". In the competitive struggle the schoolchildren of the Lyceum indisputably won. Employees of NIK and TsAGI, as well as students of the Lyceum, competed in the second round. 

We are pleased to announce that the team of NIK, led by captain Andrey Sdatchikov, won! Congratulations to this team on their new achievements! Keep it up!

NIK team:

       Andrey Sdatchikov

       Alexey Pyatikop

       Ilya Gebel

       Ruslan Khalimov

       Evgeny Konotopchik

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